10 March 2012

Nerd Lacquer Harlow & Co. exclusives: Swatches and review!

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Saturday! What are your plans this weekend? I'm sleeping as this goes up (hopefully!) but I had to schedule it because I'm so excited to share these with you!

Today I've got swatches of the Nerd Lacquer Harlow & Co. exclusives. You guys know how much I love Katie and I'm so excited that she carries NLs (and Barry M now - but that's for another post!) and it's even cooler that she has exclusives! And they're awesome. Really interesting and complex and pretty. And glittertastic. I'm sold. There are three of them: Batcave, Han Shot First and Scully. So, less talk, more pictures, yes? I agree.

I'm going to use the descriptions of each polish directly off the site, because I think Amanda does an excellent job of describing her polishes. :)

And ohmygod I just went and looked at a preview of this post so I'm putting everything under a cut because I spammed a bit with pictures!

Batcave. "A deep charcoal with silver and black microshimmer, a hint of cobalt in the base, plus big square black glitter, medium hex royal laser and purple glitter, and medium and micro silver holo." Two coats. Soooo cool. Loveeeeee. I wish we saw more polishes like this. There isn't enough blue and purple hex glitter in the world, I think. This did dry with a bit of texture but I liked it. I imagine it's intense with topcoat though - I'll share pictures when I wear it!

Han Shot First. "A deep dusty teal with giant gold square glitter, medium square turquoise glitter, gold small and micro, smallish holo hex. FAB." Two coats again - the base is incredibly pigmented in this one. If I hadn't been trying to fish some of that larger gold square glitter out I probably could've gotten away with one careful coat! That's why there are two macro shots - my usual macro nail (ring) didn't get any of the glitter, my pointer did. This one is so cooooooooool.  You know how I feel about square glitter. I love it because square glitter and teal. 

Scully. "A peachy nude with blue-violet flash, big square silver glitter, small and medium silver hex, white medium hex, silver micro. Similar to Entirely Unlike Tea, but more saturated, more peach, less pink, less tan." Three coats. You know how I've said before that I can't tell when a polish looks terrible on me? Not the case here. Sadly, this gave me mad corpse hands. My hands just looked... dirty? I'll still wear it again, obviously... why would that stop me? It's so cooooool. The purple flash is much more visible in person but proved rather elusive on camera. I feel like purple flashes are an eternal thorn in my side but I love them anyway!

Formula-wise, these were all much more opaque than I was expecting. Some of the glitter was a bit difficult to fish out, especially the large gold squares, but that might be less of an issue in a full-sized bottle. I'll report back to you on application when I order the full-sized set! They definitely dry with texture, Batcave especially. I'm a very tactile person so I quite like the texture, but if you like your glitters smooth, I'd recommend a thicker topcoat, SV perhaps. I don't know if they're Gelous rough (I don't think they are) but it is something to keep in mind.

So! Sorry for the picture spam but these are so complex that I couldn't only post one picture of each... What do you lovelies think? 

These are only available through Harlow & Co. and they went really fast last time. Katie is expecting a new shipment of Nerd Lacquers hopefully soon - follow her on Twitter or like the shop Facebook page to keep updated. Katie's really good at keeping everyone in the loop, I love that! Nerd Lacquers are $10 for 0.5 oz. You can also buy Nerd Lacquer from Amanda's Etsy shop, but she won't be selling these beauties! She's closed at the moment (making 1500 bottles to ship out... holy cow!!!) but keep an eye out, she might be opening back up again soon :) I adore these... I've got a couple more NLs left to post and a couple more to get... can you believe that I didn't get Crunchy Frog last time?! It's green and brown! I love green! I love brown! I don't know what was wrong with me.

So, will you be scooping any of these up? 

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. Oh yes, do apologize for tons of beautiful pics of beautiful polishes. Lol love them all but I so need Scully!

  2. Sooo pretty lovey! Great pictures as always, and never apologise for lots of pictures, you can never have too many pictures of stunning polishes <3

  3. I've had a love affair with NerdLacquer since last fall when I ordered some for my nerdy family for Christmas. I finally ordered some from H&Co and they came in the mail yesterday!! I've got Warrior Ethos on my fingertips right now - proclaiming my love of Klingons to the world.

  4. Oh these are so cool!! I love Nerd Lacquer, and can't wait to own some myself!! :D

  5. i didn't have any trouble with getting all the different sized glitters onto my nails!! I love love love Nerd Lacquer - currently wearing Pinin' for the Fjords!

  6. Do you still have NL Scully??? i will pay or swap!!! <3


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