30 April 2012

Comparison: OPI Stranger Tides vs butterLONDON Bossy Boots

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend? Mine was okay. I worked Saturday and spent yesterday cleaning and getting rid of lots of my school papers and the like. I can't believe all the stuff my degree accumulated haha. It feels better to be rid of lots of it though :)

Today I have a comparison that's been sitting in my drafts for ages! I could have sworn that I posted this but I was going through photos and found these just sitting there. I'm sorry! When I reviewed butterLONDON Bossy Boots, I said I had a comparison for the green for you guys. I tweeted a picture of it and a lot of you asked if it was OPI Stranger Tides, so I swatched the two side by side. This was two coats of each - they both have lovely formulas.

Stranger Tides is on my index and ring fingers, Bossy Boots is on my middle and pinky. :)

So, not dupes. Stranger Tides is definitely murkier, grungier. I think Bossy Boots is a perfect spring and summer colour! Both give me a bit of lobster hands but I can't resist colours like this. I'm glad to have both in my collection!

What do you lovelies think? Which do you prefer?

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. I recently bought Stanger Tides at 50% it's close enough for me!! I don't wear greens very often!
    I think both look great on you

  2. I really like Bossy Boots, its such a pretty spring colour :)

  3. These are both so beautiful!! I think Stranger Tides would be more forgiving on my skin tone.

  4. yay I've been waiting for this. The hoarder in my needs Bossy Boots since they aren't dupes

  5. I went through all my school stuff this weekend too! It feels so amazing to get rid of it, I feel so much lighter :D


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