12 May 2012

Mint chocolate chip nails with American Apparel Office and LA Girl Uninhibited

Hi friends! Happy Saturday! I hope you're all having a great day so far. And an early happy mother's day to any moms reading, including my own. Love and miss you, mommalom, can't wait to see you!

Today I've just got a quick post for you guys. A little while ago my friend Ania told me that Team Buy had a coupon offer for American Apparel polishes. I believe the deal was 5 polishes for $15, which is an awesome deal since American Apparel polishes are usually $9 each. I've heard a lot of good things about them so of course I had to try! I got a few for myself and ended up sending five to my mom too for her to try out - she loves a good creme so I picked four of them for her, and added a glitter as the fifth! I might show you the glitter soon... you know I couldn't pass up getting a bottle for myself! ;)

I'm exhausted and it's really late as I'm typing this so I'm not going to say it in this post, but I do want to make it clear that I'm not really a fan of American Apparel as a brand. Going into the stores gives me the heebs and their ads often baffle me. That being said, good polish is good polish, and the ones I've tried out of the pretties I ended up getting have been great.

All of this being said, I had a terrible experience actually getting these polishes. The customer service was atrocious. When I placed the order it said it could take up to ten business days for my order to arrive. That's fine, two weeks isn't bad at all. A month came and went and I hadn't heard a peep. I finally contacted them (I live on an island so sometimes our mail is really messed up) because like I said, not a word. I hadn't even gotten a shipping notification, although I do know some companies don't send them. Anyway, long story short, it took me contacting them for the orders to actually get shipped. My mom's came to her all in one package, the ones my friend and I ordered came in five separate packages. The customer service rep told me that the polishes I'd wanted had been on back order (all 15 of the ones I was inquiring about, apparently - my order, my friend's and my mom's), which isn't a problem - I'm annoyed that I wasn't informed of that and was made to wait a month without a word instead. Sooooooo. I work in customer service and I think it's super important. I chose to get the coupon for online redemption for a reason and that's definitely the last time I'll be ordering from their website. I'm glad that I got them and trying them out has been really nice but yeah. Even gorgeous polish formulas aren't enough to make me forget bad customer service haha.

Anyway, I used two coats of Office (it didn't really need the second coat but I did it anyway) and added one coat of LA Girl Uninhibited. Mmm black glitter.

Here's two easy coats of Office on its own. :)

I'm not sure why but I found a random silver glitter in my bottle of Uninhibited. You can see it on my ring finger. Strange, no? I thought it was amusing!

What do you lovelies think? Have you guys ever noticed how often I do manicures that remind me of food? I was thinking about it the other day and was amused haha.

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. The mint color is gorgeous!
    And seriously.. I really fucking hate bad customer service! I've worked with people in all jobs I had and I think customer service is SUPER important. Just like I always remember who treated me SUPER good, I'll remember for even longer who treated me poorly. I black-stamped a few places - never going back there. Bad customer service is one of my biggest pet peeves ever!

  2. Your nails look so gorgeous love! :) *noms* ♥ Love this manicure!

  3. looks delicious! LOL lovely combo

  4. Wow just came across your blog its amazing! These are gorgeous!! Yum! I need to venture into trying black glitter you may have swayed me hehe! & mint is lush! Xx

  5. Super pretty, makes me hungry for the baskin robbins icecream, mint chocolate chip. yummy!

  6. That sounds like AWFUL customer service, but I am glad you got the polishes in the end. Love this manicure!

  7. UGH,I HATE when online shops ship all the items in your order separately. Especially if there's a box you can tick that says you are willing to wait longer for your items so they can all be shipped together. I ordered some stuff from Target and all 4 items shipped separately, but ON THE SAME DAY.

  8. I'm not an American Apparel fan for the very same reasons you mentioned. I'm intrigued by their polish but will have to locate a store since your shipping experience sounds awful!

  9. what a yummy combo!! i love the mint green base =)


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