08 August 2012

Holo comparisons: part one

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy hump day. I hope you're all having a good week so far. I can't believe summer is almost over! I'm getting ready to move home... :( I graduated this summer and I'm going home for a year to save money and do some more schooling. Hopefully it'll be just a year and I'll be back in my chosen city next September... fingers crossed!

Today I've got the first part of the holo comparisons I've been working on. I've only been pulling things from my stash that I think would be an actual comparison - a pink holo vs a pink holo won't be seen here unless they're similar base colours, basically. This will make more sense once I get to the silver ones hahaha, I have way too many. It's a problem.

I've got three today - Speciallit√°/Hits Hera, Hermes and Zeus vs China Glaze DV8, GR8 and Let's Do it in 3D. DV8 and GR8 are from the OMG collection, LDii3D is from the Kaleidoscope collection and all are good examples of how different the holographic finishes can actually be. :)

And I'm putting the pictures below a cut because it looks sloppy on my homepage otherwise haha. To see the photos just click read more! :)

First up is Hits Hera vs ChG DV8. Two coats of each. As you can see, Hera is much squishier. It's like a jelly holo. DV8 is very smooth and the holographic effect is different. Hera's holo effect... it's really hard to explain this but okay. One, these were really hard to photograph - my camera doesn't handle holos that well anymore and it makes me sad. They're both really holographic in person but... hmm. The holo effect in the Hits jelly holos is more like a scattered effect that's still strong enough to make it appear linear. The particles are much more visible than they are in DV8.

Does that even make sense? Here, just look and hopefully you'll see what I mean haha.

Next up is Hits Hermes vs China Glaze GR8. Hermes has a much more metallic base than Hera did - I'd say those are the two major finishes in this collection, besides holo - metallic and jelly-like. It was a tiny bit brush-strokey but I really love the more cool-toned take on gold - usually gold looks AWFUL on me because I'm so ghostly but Hermes wasn't too bad... I think! Both were two coats. It was harder to get the holo in Hermes to show up, so I apologise for the weird angles! I took the first picture with my tripod but it was so difficult to still see how the picture was turning out without casting any weird shadows and blah blah.... I admire people who can get tripods to help them haha.

And last is Hits Zeus vs China Glaze Let's Do it in 3D. Calling the ChG a black holo is cheeky, honestly - it's charcoal. But I found the contrast between the two really interesting. Zeus is another of the more jelly-like holos, and the particles are still more separate/obvious than what you might see in the OMGs... but compared to the Kaleidoscopes they look tiny! I always forget how large the holographic particles in the Kaleidoscopes are. Such pretty polishes. This was two coats of Zeus and three of Let's Do it in 3D... the Kaleidoscopes are lovely but they're definitely sheer.

Oooohkay! Sorry for the picture spam of the last one but it was hard to get Zeus to show up as holo as it really is... look at the bottle and you'll see what I mean!

What do you guys think? It's hard to pick a favourite, no? This is why I'm a holo whore but I can justify them all haha!

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. That is a lot of Holo goodness! I really like the Hits Hera though.

  2. Ugh I wish I had China Glaze Let's Do it in 3D :(

  3. OMG I looove holos! I think even if I bought every holo out there I wouldn't have enough

  4. So many delicious, delicious holos. Every one is fantastic any they all look GR8 on you! (see what I did there?!?)

  5. Ouu I want all of those HITS polishes!


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