05 September 2012

Lac Attack Break the Night With Colour

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going well :) Today's post is an inadvertent pink Wednesday post haha. It's been a while!

So as some of you might have noticed, my posting has become pretty erratic lately. I've just been feeling pretty... uninspired. I've never liked editing pictures (I'm lazy sometimes) but lately it's this thing that I just loathe, and I feel like I'm rehashing the same thing because I post all of my manicures on instagram (which is just @glittagloves if you want sneak peeks!) so it feels... boring? Like I've done it already and nobody needs to see it, I guess.

Then I get nail mail sometimes that reinspires me completely. Getting nail mail from Anastasia of Lac Attack is always a treat. Her polishes are super pretty and she's lovely in the most insane, awesome way. We were discussing one of her collections, Mattes and Music, and talking about song titles to use as names for polishes. Since I'm not the polish creator here, I said that I'd always wanted a polish named after one of my favourite songs ever, Break the Night With Colour by Richard Ashcroft (the former frontman of the Verve).

It's a song Richard wrote about his depression, about breaking through it and finding... well, the brighter side, I suppose, as cliche as that sounds. I think that's a theme a lot of us can relate to... this song helped me through a lot. So having a polish named after it means a lot to me, especially because it came from one of my favourite people I've met through blogging :) This is two coats of Lac Attack Break the Night With Colour over one coat of China Glaze Dance Baby, topped with China Glaze Fast Forward. I'm sorry if you see any bubbling and I'm REALLY sorry for my dry cuticles!
Yuuuum bottle shot. Imagine how stoked I was when I opened the package up and saw this?!
I had to include two macro shots, I always use my ring fingernail but I really liked the glitter variety on my pinky too. :) Originally I was going to layer this over grey... I still think it will look beautiful over grey, but I chose pink because I felt that using it with grey the first time I wore it would be... the opposite of the song, in a lot of ways. If that makes sense. I think I'm putting way too much thought into this. ANYWAY, what do you guys think? Unfortunately, I don't think Anastasia has plans to sell this beauty :( we'll have to wait and see! I know she's working on a lot of awesomeness right now. Thank you so much for making this for me, Anastasia, it's exactly what I always imagined a polish named after that song would be. <3 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. I'm sorry that you have been feeling bored and down a little bit. I love your mani and review!!

  2. I need to see your posts!! I think I may be the only person under 30 without an instagram... Love the polish!

  3. This is super awesome! I love those chunky shreds!

  4. What a sweet story to accompany the polish. It's really gorgeous and I do think it would look nice over grey!


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