20 November 2012

Essie Butler Please

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Tuesday! Are all of my American friends ready for Thanksgiving? It still blows my mind that you guys celebrate it on a Thursday. Who's going to brave the crowds for Black Friday? I'm hoping to get a couple of things online but BF hasn't quite made its way here yet. That being said, I'm sure it won't be long until BF is a huge deal in Canada too. If we get two Thanksgivings I won't complain! ;)

Today I've got the first pictures taken in my lightbox for you! I FINALLY built a lightbox (if you're looking for a good guide on what to do I used this one and thought it was great) and I'm reasonably happy with it. Now that I understand how to use the white balance on my camera (it took me forever because I guess I'm dumb) I think I can finally manage decent photos without the sun. But that's my opinion - will you guys let me know what you think of the photos?

So when Jen posted her swatches of the Essie Leading Lady collection, I knew there were two polishes I needed for sure - Butler Please and Leading Lady. The rest I was undecided on and figured I'd look at them in person to decide. So far I've only purchased Butler Please and Leading Lady and I had to wear Butler Please right away. I don't wear blues that often (weirdly, since it's one of the most populous colours in my stash) but when I do I always go for blues like this - really vibrant, usually cremes or crellies.

This is two coats of Butler Please with topcoat (Essie Good to Go). I only have one picture of it to share because all of my photos turned out similarly. This is a really tricky colour to capture - it has a bit more purple in it than my photos show. I was thinking of doing a comparison post with Butler Please and Leading Lady - would you want to see comps? If my camera doesn't explode from trying to capture those blues haha.

Isn't it lovely? Have you scooped any polishes from this collection up yet?

Here's another photo I took in my light box... I'll be posting this polish next but for now, enjoy some bottle porn?

Now, what could that polish possibly be? ;)

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. Butler Please is definitely one of my favorite blues right now. It looks lovely on you!

  2. Holiday Glow? I like your taste in polish, that blue is stunning.

    I have SH Pacific Blue which I believe is close to this. I love blue so much, I buy way too many, so I will give this a miss, but I love seeing it on you!

  3. Lovely blue!! Haha, I wil definitely be avoiding the Black Friday sales. I just can't stand crowds! I also like to sleep in, so I refuse to get up at 4am!

  4. My Private Jet Holo???


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