21 November 2012

Lac Attack and Glitta Gloves present: The Magical Musings Collection!

Hello lacquered lovelies!

Finally! We can share with you at last! I collaborated with my sweet friend Anastasia of Lac Attack on a collection inspired by one of the things we love most (besides polish, of course) - Harry Potter. We decided it was time for a collection of HP inspired polishes that weren't just based on House colours (no offense to those polishes at all) - we wanted to create something for people like us, who make Harry Potter references in daily life and will understand where the inspirations for these polishes came from. :)

We were inspired by places and things in Harry Potter, not so much people (perhaps another collection?). More information and bottle shots will be available soon, but here's a teaser. Keep an eye on the Lac Attack Facebook page for bottle shots later today!

The Magical Musings collection will be available for purchase December 1, from the Lac Attack goodsie site :)

I'm so excited you guys, seriously. I love Harry Potter so much and I love Anastasia, she's so much fun to talk to and working with her on this has been a blast! She's so creative and inspiring and sweet. I got these in the mail yesterday and died, they're a billion times better than I thought they would be and I'm in love with them. I hope you guys like them as much as I do! <3

For bottle shots of each polish and names, check out Anastasia's blog - it's all there!

I'M SO EXCITEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I know this is kinda nerdy but whatever, I think there's something in here for everyone!




  2. This is so cool! These look lovely and I am so thrilled for you!

  3. OMFG. As soon as I read 'Harry Potter', I knew I wanted the entire collection.... I'm so excited for it to come out now!!!

  4. Oh wow, I love HP and nail polish... perfect combo!! :D

  5. Congratulations!! they look awesome!!!

  6. I must have every single polish in this collection!!! Please tell me she ships to New Zealand, if not I think I may have a meltdown :(

  7. These look so amazing--I can't wait to see more! I have a feeling this is gonna hurt my wallet a LOT. ^_^

  8. Yaay this is ah-mazing. Can't wait to get my hands on some. ^^

  9. LOVE HP! Awesome choice for inspiration! I think a collection based on characters would be great, too! Especially if they weren't the regular characters! it'd be fun to try and figure out which of the minor characters each polish is.=)


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