27 December 2012

China Glaze Stroll

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Friday! I hope those of you who celebrate had a wonderful Christmas and hopefully aren't still feeling the effects of the subsequent food hangover. ;) I know I said I would be posting a second part to my holiday manicures but I just didn't get the chance to do proper swatches. I'm sorry! But I decided to actually post the manicure I'm currently wearing (as I type this!). It's not often that I can make my lazy self blog right away on a colour that I'm really liking (this is far from the first colour that I've wanted to blog instantly, it's just one of the first I've made myself do haha) but this polish is too gorgeous to not share. Plus, it's been a while since I posted an older polish that I'm loving at the moment, so here we are!

I went polish shopping day (not quite boxing day but I work in retail so of course I worked boxing day hehe) and ended up finding some super awesome deals. I posted the haul on my instagram (@glittagloves) and this is one of the polishes from it. I went into a Chatters (which, for those non-Canadians reading, is just a salon) that I've never been to before (but that my mom told me had some nice gems hidden in their core polish racks) and found some cool stuff. I grabbed this one first and knew I needed it. China Glaze Midtown Magic is one of my favourite dark colours ever (have you met how sexy it is, seriously) and this immediately reminded me of a red version of it!

This is China Glaze Stroll. This came out in 2009, so sadly, it still has that weird formula from when companies were trying to figure out wtf they were doing with the B3F stuff (thankfully, we've moved past that!). For those of you unsure of what I mean, let me explain. For some reason, the polishes released after that initial shift are pretty hit and miss. I feel like for the most part polishes are more consistent now, but most of the polishes I've got from around that time are thin. A bit watery and definitely likely to flood your cuticles, so a steady hand and patience during clean up is a must.

That being said, it's totally worth it. So here it is. Three coats plus topcoat. I'm so in love with this polish. I don't know how I got along without it before it waltzed into my life.

So... yeah. This polish is flawless and I think everyone needs it. I'm going back to staring at my nails now!

What do you guys think? Do you own Stroll? Do you like vampy colours with flecks like this? Are you getting tired of the darker polishes of the winter season? I'm excited for spring pastels... they always make me look like a corpse but I love wearing them.

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. I feel the same way about dark polishes....They are so pretty, but I look like I have vampire hands when I wear them. lol. This shade is gorgeous, though. I love the flecks!

  2. Wow, this is just gorgeous! I looooove the flakies in there! I will never get tired of rich, vampy colors like this - they're so sophisticated!!

  3. Om Nom Nom, China Glaze does glassflecks so well!


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