21 December 2012

Lac Attack Mayan Goodbyin'

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week and have a great weekend with your loved ones ahead - can you believe it's almost Christmas? I must say that I can't wait for Christmas to be over - holidays in retail are no fun haha.

Today I've got a pretty polish to share, created by one of my cheekiest (and loveliest) friends, Anastasia of Lac Attack. She decided to mark the supposed end of the world (which is supposed to be today, yet we're all here, no?) by making a beautiful LE polish. Who knew the end of the world would be so autumnal? I love this colour combination so much. True to form (our Skype dates have taught me that she's kind of a troll - not that I didn't suspect it before, of course), it's called Mayan Goodbyin'.

I decided to show MG over white so you guys could see the different colours in it - this is two coats of Mayan Goodbyin' over two coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

Today is the last day you can get this beauty - December 21! Anastasia is restocking the shop today at 4 PM EST and Mayan Goodbyin' will be included, as well as the Magical Musings collection :) Prices will be the same as always - $8 for a full-sized bottle and $4.25 for a mini.

What do you lovelies think? Will you be scooping anything up during Ana's sale today? <3

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. ok I want this as my "I lived through the end of the world......again...." souvenir!!

  2. I like this and the idea behind it. It looks great to me!


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