31 May 2013

a-england Burne-Jones Dream Collection swatches and review

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Today I've got swatches of the beautiful new polishes from a-england. Adina has made more beautiful holos! These were inspired by a series of Sleeping Beauty paintings by Edward Burne-Jones. So interesting!

So I'm not repeating myself on this - the formula on these was amazing, unsurprisingly. If you use thicker coats, you'll probably be able to get away with one coat! I used two thin coats for each swatch, no topcoat. They dry quite shiny - I didn't include shade photos for all of them but I did snap one, just to show you how glossy they are.

The holographic effect in Adina's polishes is always so interesting. Lots of links there but I've reviewed a lot of a-england beauties! It's not in your face like the Layla holos. It's more scattered and subtle - they're like classy holos. They seem sophisticated and beautiful but they still have that sparkle we all love so much.

Let's get started! Swatches below the cut because there's a lot of photos haha.

First up is Sleeping Palace. I die. This was definitely a one-coater if you're not a spaz like me hehe. This is such a beautiful polish. The base colour is a dusty purple (it almost looks like it's got some taupe to it as well - it's a little brownish) and the holographic effect is mesmerising. I couldn't stop staring!

This is what Sleeping Palace looks like when it's not in direct sunlight. Still some faint holographic effect but mostly it's just sooooooooo glossy!

Next is Briar Rose. Dusty red-leaning pink. I was surprised by how much I liked this one (you know how I feel about pink haha) but it's really beautiful. And I think it's subtle enough that you could get away with it as a work shade, if you need to worry about things like that! This one was more holographic in person, but it was shy on camera.

Next is Fated Prince. Lovely charcoal with a tiny hint of green. I'm such a sucker for colours like this now that I'm always rocking nubbins! Really nice holographic effect too.

And last but not least - Rose Bower! This is a really saturated red with a tiny touch of pink. It's the weakest holographic effect of the bunch but it's still a really beautiful colour!

Here's a macro of Rose bower that shows the effect a little better!

Part of the reason I've been so absent is this little monster... her name is Sasha. We just got her last Sunday (26th May). She's twelve weeks and she's basically become the love of my life. She's an English bulldog, of course. She came here from Uzbekistan! Which sounds weird but it's because they're very expensive to breed (they're generally artificially inseminated and then give birth through C-section) but they don't sell for much in the east. So they breed the champion bloodlines and bring them here to fuse with the champion bloodlines here! New genes and that. We won't be showing or breeding her, of course, she's just going to be our little baby. Isn't she precious?

ANYWAY! What do you guys think of this collection? Gorgeous, right? There is one more shade in the collection, Briarwood, which is currently in production and should be coming out in a couple of weeks. You can see a sneak peek at Ommorphia!

Due to shipping restrictions, only people in the UK can order directly from the a-england site now. On the site, there's a directory for e-tailers that you can buy from. Fellow Canadians, you can get these from Nail Polish Canada for $13.50 each. And free shipping over $25 :)

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!

The products in this post were provided to me in exchange for an honest review. For more information, see my disclosure tab above.


  1. GAHH!!! SO MUCH BEAUTY I CAN'T EVEN HANDLE IT!!! AND I want to squish Sasha's face. She's adorbs.

  2. Love this collection!


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