23 May 2013

Neon tribal-esque

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Thursday! TVD ended last week... I am le sad about it. But I loved the finale! Anyone else? I'm still stoked.

Anyway, I've just got a quick post for you. I'm going to be back in full swing on Monday, three posts a week. I really am this time. I've got stuff scheduled and everything, like I'm a real blogger.

Marta of Chit Chat Nails recently posted on Instagram that she was looking to sell a few of her sets of stamping plates. I've wanted the Red Angel stamping plates for ages but there was something up with them shipping internationally... not sure if that's sorted now but anyway, I decided to take the chance to get them! Then I stared at them for ages... before settling on a neon tribal-esque manicure. I don't think I've ever actually done tribal nail art before so this was a good baby step haha.

I started out with two coats of Essie Blanc, one of my favourite whites. Then I just sponged. On half my nails, I used (cuticle to tip, index and ring): China Glaze Kiwi Cool-Ada, China Glaze That's Shore Bright and Color Club Chelsea Girl. On my middle and pinky fingernails I used China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, Color Club Wham! Pow! and Orly Va Va Voom. Then I stamped using Konad black and RA 114. Topcoat and I was good to go! These were so fabulously tacky and bright in person. I loved them.

My goal is to post a "nail art" manicure once a week, hopefully. So that means mostly stamping because I can't freehand to save my life haha.

What do you guys think? Have you done any tribal-inspired nails? Are you busting out your neons yet?

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. These are amazing! Totally love them!

  2. You know how much I love this. <3

  3. I am in LOVE WITH THESE. They look almost robotic. So cute and fun!


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