19 November 2013

Lac Attack Magical Mischief collection swatches!

Hello lacquered lovelies! It's that time agaiiiiin!

Anastasia and I have been discussing a follow up to Magical Musings for a while and it's finally here! I expect to get emotional writing about each shade because this is a character-inspired collection and it has some polishes dedicated to my absolute favourites. As I did the first time, expect some fangirling and background on the character (or thing) that inspired each shade.

So I'm not repeating it a thousand times - the vast majority of the time, I used one coat of a base colour and then layered the glitters over top. I used topcoat on every polish except Weasley is Our King and Padfoot. The topcoat I used this go round was China Glaze Fast Forward and I did use a basecoat because some of my layerings were over such strong colours.

So, let's get started under a cut because oh god so many pictures!

First up is APWBD (Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore), inspired by the great Headmaster of Hogwarts, of course. I love Dumbledore. On the surface he's kind of the typical good guy - very brainy, heroic etc but as I got older I started to appreciate how wonderfully morally grey he is haha. I mean, how many people did he sacrifice to help keep Snape's cover? Excellent, I live for stuff like that now. This is an excellent layering glitter. APWBD is a holo-y particle base with holographic bars, green and purple glitters of varying shapes, and holographic silver and blue moons. THOSE MOONS THOUGH. Dumbledore's glasses are half moons and I just have a lot of feelings about a fictional character's glasses ok. Two coats (I wanted more moons) over OPI Eurso Euro.

It also glows in the dark, which was impossible for me to capture on my nails but the bottle glows very nicely (as I discovered when I was trying to sleep last night and almost shat myself) -

Next is Weasley is Our King. "Weasley cannot save a thing, he cannot block a single ring. That's why the Slytherins all sing Weasley is our king. Weasley was born in a bin, he always lets the Quaffle in. Weasley will make sure we win. Weasley is our king." Poor Won Won. After he became Keeper for Gryffindor he... well he didn't start very well haha. So dear Draco made this little diddy and it used to make Ron play even worse. Sad times. But when they won the Cup, the Gryffindors rewrote it - "Weasley can save anything, he never leaves a single ring". Awwwww bromances and bonding over sports and stuff. Things that I'll never understand but still. Luna and Ginny also sing this to let Harry know that Umbridge is on her way back when he breaks into her office and then Luna sometimes randomly mumbles bits of it after... Weasley is Our King is the shade of the Weasley family's hair translated into nail polish. Don't believe me? Google them. Little cuties. (Sidenote - just googled "Weasley family" to get a good picture of all of them and "Weasley family fanfiction" came up as a suggestion and I feel a little more grossed out today knowing that that exists and what the internet has probably put in those stories so yeah). Three coats on its own. Formula wise this one was weird - it was thicker than I was expecting but it didn't want to even out for me.

Next we have Mad-Eye. Named after Alastor Moody, Auror extraordinare. Moody was such a bad ass. He loses his leg, eye and part of his nose fighting the Dark Arts, spends a year locked up in a crazy chest and gets out and goes right back to fighting. Plus one of my favourite small moments in the films involves Moody, right here. I think I set it up so it happens at the right spot but if not, it's 46 seconds in, when he goes by on his pimp broom haha. I was sad when he died because it was so sudden? Like I knew someone was going to have to die in the battle of the seven Potters but still. I think he would've been a great mentor to Harry and Ron later on in their careers. This is a glitter in a clear base with black and bright blue bars and varying sizes of hexes. The bright blue is to symbolise the blue of his magical eye, of course! One coat (and a few dabs) over Zoya Dove.

Loony Lovegood. I LOVE SO MANY THINGS ABOUT THIS POLISH I CAN'T. First off, Luna is definitely one of my favourite characters in the entire series and I just feel like Luna would love this polish so much. I have a replica of Luna's wand that a sweet friend got me haha <3 We all have a friend a bit like Luna, no? The one that's just kind of weird and maybe a bit gullible but is sweet and means well. Or is that just me? Anywayyy pinky purple jelly base with cute pastel hex glitters in pink, green and blue. And STARS. It's so Luna. Two coats of Loony Lovegood over Barry M Berry Ice Cream. The stars that I fiddled a bit with wouldn't quite lay flat but I think that's my bad, because the stars that just came out on their own were fine.

The Brightest Witch. For my most favourite character in the entire series, Hermione Granger. I identify with her on some levels (I've been called a know-it-all a lot haha) but also because she fascinates me. I love that she's so logical and intelligent but then so ruthless at the same time? I mean, she was a teenager (15, I believe) and she trapped an Animagus reporter beetle in a jar for months... she's rentless when she's dueling, even if it was just for practice like in the DA... it's kind of awesome. I appreciate all facets of Hermione and all things Hermione. This one is a dusty teal jelly base with shards and hexes of light purple, a darker purple, black, I see a bit of a blue-ish shade and some little lilac squares and circular glitter. DIG IT. Hermione 5ever. This is two coats over Essie Vested Interest.

This is Padfoot. I'm gonna try not to cry all through writing this but Padfoot was Sirius Black's nickname in school. Sirius is in my top three characters of the entire series so yeah. James, Peter and Sirius turned themselves into Animagi so they could be with Remus during his transformations monthly - it was safer for them to be around a werewolf as animals. Sirius became a large black dog haha, and his codename was Padfoot. This is a beautiful polish, definitely one of my favourites in the collection. It's just so... Sirius. One of my favourite quotes in the films (this didn't happen in the book but) kind of sums up this polish, I think - "We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are." Plus Gary Oldman. I can't even describe this colour. It's like a brown-y purple-y reddish holo. I love it so much. I just feel warm whenever I look at it, is that weird? Two coats.

Moony. Named for Remus Lupin. That was his nickname at Hogwarts because he's a werewolf. I always loved Lupin and wished we could've seen more of him. I'd love to know more about his life growing up too. I have a lot of questions about the Harry Potter world generally tbh. This is a stunner, definitely another favourite for me. It's a silvery blue foil with tiny little flakes in it, some of which flash purple. I just adore it. This is two coats.

Nymphadora. Named for Nymphadora Tonks. Of all the random abilities some of the witches and wizards have in the Harry Potter universe, I would want Tonks's most. She's a Metamorphagus, so she can change her appearance at will. How cool would that be?! I swear I'd mix it up so often that even I wouldn't know what I naturally looked like haha. Nymphadora is a lovely iridescent topper with short bars and hexes. I layered a coat of Nymphadora over Illamasqua Baptiste.

Dobby the Free Elf. *cue gross sobbing* Dobby's death was one of the worst in the books for me. I guess I just never thought he'd die after how much he'd gone through. Dobby is like Luna for me, they're characters that you really need in a series that can get as dark as HP can. Also the first time I saw him in the movies I was dying. He was so adorable! As for the polish, it's a darker green jelly base with green and... almost maroon (like the sweater Ron gave him!) glitter in both hexes and bars. The bars are longer than the bars that are in the other polishes, so it was a bit tricky. With my nails being so short, I really didn't have much room for them to move much haha. This is two coats of Dobby the Free Elf over China Glaze Holly Day.

The Chosen One. Named for the Boy Who Lived, of course. Harry Potter himself. Everyone in the books and films says it but man. I'm such a chickenshit that Harry's bravery is always really freaky to me haha. When they first had Pottermore up and running I was sorted into Ravenclaw, with Slytherin close behind, and Gryffindor and Hufflepuff were like way at the bottom. I clearly lack bravery or any of the nice qualities Hufflepuffs have haha. Anyway, this is gorgeous. Micro red and gold flakies with red glitter of varying shapes and sizes - including squares and large-ish circles. BE STILL MY HEART. This is two coats over Nails Inc Tate.

Last but not least, have an exclusive! If you do a pre order from my love Anastasia, you'll get this included as an extra. Every Flavour Beans will NOT be sold separately once sales start, this is only for pre-orders and only those done through Lac Attack. I remember when they made our Muggle version of Every Flavour Beans, my siblings and I ate them constantly and competed to see who could stand to eat the most of the gross ones. Once, one of my brothers got really sick because he was eating all the vomit flavoured ones the four of us had found in our individual boxes - did you ever notice that all the gross flavours were much more common in those? Like vomit, earwax and sardine, I remember the taste of all of those so clearly haha. Every Flavour Beans is a multicoloured glitter topper in a clear base. I used two coats over OPI My Vampire is Buff.

WHEW. What do you guys think?!

Anastasia will be accepting pre-orders for the collection for a limited amount of time, so make sure you get them in ASAP if you're interested :) I don't have the details on it currently, but be sure to check Lac Attack out on Facebook and Twitter, where Anastasia will be sharing the details!

I hope you guys love the collection as much as we do :) It was so hard to narrow down to 10 but I'm so happy with what Anastasia created, I think they do all of Rowling's wonderful characters justice.

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. Your swatches are always my favorite - thanks love for collaborating with me :) <3

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  3. Very cute. But....is there a good way to have corpse hands????????? LOLOLOLOL

  4. Very cute! Love the soft colors. These look great! Its perfect Check this also nail accessories and much more! UV Builder Gel

  5. I like this nail polish, the sparkles... But I like the cat even more :D

  6. fife fantasi NailsOctober 12, 2014 at 3:28 AM

    Nymphadora and The Chosen One are my favourites- look amazing on your nails <3

  7. It looks good on you but I think the glitters made it messy. Perhaps other nail polish color would be better :)



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