Helpful giveaway hints!

Hello lacquered lovelies. There have been some problems with giveaway entries so I decided to post a guide on how to do everything that is often required for entries/extra entries in blog giveaways. This isn't meant to be catty, it makes me sad to think that there are people who are missing out on extra entries - or even missing out on entire giveaways! - because they're unsure of how to do something.

1. Read every rule. Everyone is going to run their giveaway differently and have different requirements. Make sure that you read carefully and follow all the rules, especially the rules for the required parts.

2. Your GFC name. I've noticed this a few times and I must admit, it used to confuse me too! Your Google Friend Connect (GFC) name is the name that shows up when you post a comment. For example, even though the email associated with my blog is a glittagloves type thing and my blog is called glittagloves, my GFC name is Kirsten Glitta Gloves. This one is super important, because it's the one thing that every single blog giveaway will require you to do and if you mess that part up, there goes your entire entry! And that sucks!

Okay, so people are still having issues with this. Picture time!

Log into your google account. Then go to your dashboard. If you're already logged into your dashboard, the link should be something like this one: If you aren't go here: Scroll down in your dashboard. It should look something like this.

So, I have quite a few services linked to my google account. The one I'm looking for is the blogger one.

See where it says name? That's your GFC name. So mine is Kirsten Glitta Gloves. If you want to change your GFC name (maybe to something you'll for sure remember), just click "edit blogger profile". This screen will come up:

And you can edit everything from there - your display name, your username (which is almost always your email address), your profile photo and other profile information - you can share more about yourself, like your favourite music or movies, etc. Once you're done changing, click save!

I really hope this helps. I hate having to disqualify giveaway entries because people have given me the wrong GFC name but validating entries takes enough time as it is - I can't go hunting through for everyone too.

3. How to link to a single tweet! I know this one is really confusing but shit guys, if you tweet like I do (constantly) and just give the link to your twitter page as the tweet entry, the person running the giveaway will never find it. I didn't understand how to do this for a really long time either, so I just kept leaving that space blank, which means extra entries that I'm missing out on! So I decided to show you a picture guide on how to do it (all of these pictures can be clicked to enlarge)

Alright. So I've posted my tweet. I just chose what was going through my head at the moment. And also, FOTC = amazing.

Once I've posted my tweet, you'll see that if I hover my mouse over the little timestamp, a hyperlink comes up. Also, you can tell through my editing that we all tweet like nutters LOL. This is why linking to one tweet is important!

And once I click on the timestamp, this bad boy will come up! See the URL up there? That's all you have to do to show them that you tweeted! :)

4. Please don't double enter. If you aren't sure if you've already entered, don't enter again. Try and find a way to contact the person running the giveaway and see if they can check for you. It's usually not too hard to keep track of whether you've entered or not, though, if you always do the "extra" parts - if you already have a tweet mentioning the giveaway, you've probably already entered.

5. Don't forget your email! Seriously, guys. This is the one way that the blogger can get in contact with you to let you know you've won. Don't leave a less used email, use one that you check pretty often. If you win and don't get back to the person soon enough, they're going to pick a new winner, and that would really suck!

I hope this is helpful for you guys. I don't want anyone to miss out on the generosity of all the lovely people running giveaways!

Good luck, lacquered lovelies!

- Kirsten


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