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22 July 2011


Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Friday yay! Two more days and my weekend starts too haha. Do you have any plans? Any Canadians going to IMATS Vancouver? :)

Today I have a polish that I needed in my life without even knowing it. Does that ever happen to you? In my swap with Deborah, I found this gem in there, Catrice Dirty Berry. I was happy about how many purples Deborah sent me, I love purple but I rarely wear it! I think part of it is that photographing purples is difficult... ah well, anyway! I was so excited the second I saw Dirty Berry in there. It's the purple I've been craving lately. I'm loving dusty colours lately and this is no exception. Thank you so much, sweetie! A lovely dusty blue-based lavender? I'm all up on that. This was two coats, no topcoat.

Pretty! In other news, if my roomie and I hit Ikea in August, I'll probably be getting some new lighting. I won't stop using sunlight whenever possible, but I hate feeling like my pictures are utter crap without it. From asking around about lighting (Jeanette and Cris especially, I adore their lighting), I think I have a rough-ish idea of what I'm looking for. Some halogen light bulbs seem to be in order, and nobody seems to have a lightbox or photo area set up that has less than three lamps! So my lighting might be changing for a bit while I try to figure that out, but no worries, not for a couple of weeks. Just a heads up!

What do you guys think? I wish North American drugstores would make polishes like this beauty. I went to look at the new scented Revlon display and nothing caught my eye. I love glass flecks but the swatches I've seen show that most of them are soooo sheer. And if I'm using a glass fleck, I don't like to layer, I want all the depth from one polish! BLEH! Anyway, do you guys like Dirty Berry? Is anyone else confused about the name? LOL

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


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