30 April 2012

Comparison: OPI Stranger Tides vs butterLONDON Bossy Boots

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend? Mine was okay. I worked Saturday and spent yesterday cleaning and getting rid of lots of my school papers and the like. I can't believe all the stuff my degree accumulated haha. It feels better to be rid of lots of it though :)

Today I have a comparison that's been sitting in my drafts for ages! I could have sworn that I posted this but I was going through photos and found these just sitting there. I'm sorry! When I reviewed butterLONDON Bossy Boots, I said I had a comparison for the green for you guys. I tweeted a picture of it and a lot of you asked if it was OPI Stranger Tides, so I swatched the two side by side. This was two coats of each - they both have lovely formulas.

Stranger Tides is on my index and ring fingers, Bossy Boots is on my middle and pinky. :)

So, not dupes. Stranger Tides is definitely murkier, grungier. I think Bossy Boots is a perfect spring and summer colour! Both give me a bit of lobster hands but I can't resist colours like this. I'm glad to have both in my collection!

What do you lovelies think? Which do you prefer?

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!

25 April 2012

I'm back! China Glaze No Way Jose

Hello lacquered lovelies! How have you all been? I apologise for my absence... my last exam was Monday night and I kind of got tunnel vision. That was the last exam of this degree, though! And I found out that I got an A+ on one of my final term papers... a nice ending overall :)

Today I have a polish that I have wanted for ages. I have some old China Glaze polishes that I covet madly, even though some of them aren't my usual tastes, and this is sort of one of them. I have a mini lemming list of them in my head - Drinkin' My Blues Away, It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere, No Way Jose, Out on Safari, a few others. I actually have three of those four now (still searching for It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere!) and I just googled my own blog to link to swatches of those and OH MY GOD I HAVEN'T SHOWN OUT ON SAFARI?! I can't believe that. Maybe I'll have a week of my favourite old school polishes... would you guys like to see that?

Anyway... I do love these light purpley shimmery shades and this one is breathtaking. Love at first sight. I got this as a gift from my sweet sweet friend Kellie, who never ceases to amaze me with her kindness and generosity. She sent me lots of other beautiful polishes that I will be working my way through wearing soon! Thanks again, gorgeous girl <3

So, this is No Way Jose. It's full of chemicals and the smell of it might be too much for some haha. I think I've said it a lot on here but I do love the smell of those old chemically polishes... I know it's bad but I can't help it! This was three coats - the formula is a bit thin but not in a bad way, I found application nice and easy. I did use topcoat, this time was China Glaze Fast Forward, I believe. :)

Nghhhhhdsalkg;sdakl so freaking pretty. I think I'll be wearing this a lot this summer! Thanks again, Kellie! <3

What do you lovelies think? What are you currently rocking?
Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!

17 April 2012

Some Girly Bits swatches!

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Tuesday! I'm sorry for my vanishing act... after paper hell I have entered exam hell... studying for exams that I could not care less about. In less than a week I'll be done with this degree though...  yay!

Today I have some long overdue swatches. I'm sure you've all heard of Girly Bits by now but if you haven't, click that link! They're beautiful polishes created by the equally lovely Pam. I'm dying to get my paws on a few more and since they're going on sale again soon, allow me to hopefully give you some to ponder! I'm going to use Pam's descriptions for each of her polishes, since I think they're pretty accurate :) This is part one of two - I have one more pretty to show you and a comparison, which I talked about below!

I'm putting the pictures under the cut because I just realised how many there were, holy!

03 April 2012

A new favourite: Borghese Almondine

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week has gotten off to a good start :) Mine... not so much. The last week of classes is always the week from hell so I'm just hoping to make it through alive! I don't set my goals very high, clearly... ;)

Today I've got... okay. So when I first started getting obsessed with polish, I'd see a neutral or a nude and dismiss it. Not today, my brain would yell. There's glitter to be worn and it should be worn anywhere, everywhere, all the time! That's pretty accurate, actually. How else would I have gotten the nickname that led to the name of this blog? Anyway, basically, I didn't see the point in bothering with nudes for ages because I was always more preoccupied with wearing glitter bombs or greens that people told me looked like baby puke or snot. I've gotten some weird comments on my nails, yes. Lately, I've come to appreciate nudes (I keep giggling like a tool every time I write that) a lot more. I've been on a hunt for my perfect... I'm going to say neutral now... for probably three or four months now. Most of the ones I've thought seemed promising look too brown on me, or they have really strong yellow undertones, which is pretty much a guaranteed way to make something look like crap on me.

Enter Borghese Almondine. I can't say how long I've been obsessed with owning this polish. I look for it every single time I'm in a drugstore that sells Borghese. I never saw it. I never saw it when it was out and I've never been lucky enough to find it since. After obsessing about it on Twitter and hearing good things back from people who owned it, I decided to resort to evilbay. Yep. What can I say? I was desperate. I pulled the trigger right away and attempted to wait patiently for the package to arrive.

When it did... love at first sight. It's got a pink flash that you can see in the bottle but I never spotted it on my nails. But really? WHO CARES. It's amazing because black microglitter. Yes. I filed my nails down again to try it out, since I tend to prefer nudes on shorter nails... on long nails it freaks me out a bit haha. This was three coats. You could probably get away with two, but I was having some issues with the brush... it's pretty wide and my nailbeds are stupid narrow.

I want to wear it again! It's so pretty, seriously. It's going to be my go-to palette cleanser and I love the black microglitter... it gives it something special that probably only people like us would notice!

What do you guys think? I may have ordered a few more bottles of it... one for my momma, one for Jen, maybe a back up or two for me... maybe...

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


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